Film Mixing and Sound design

Today I thought I would explain how we had plans of prepping the session for the mix. Remember, these will change later on as we delve deeper into the mix but thats the fun right? Where we think we have a plan and it changes! (Not unusual though!)

The Thought

It is important to know the thought behind preparing a session for mix. Usually we get the sessions from the sound designer and the Music Composer and then we re-route it to our comfortable bussing structure that we as mixers are used to. For example, there will be a dialogue Buss, Dia reverb busses, Foley, FX, Ambience, Score, song and crowd. Of late the FX and foley are also split into more wider stems like FX, Design 1, Design 1, Footsteps, Incidentals (taps, doors, cloth etc) and so on. This time too, Justin and I followed the same principle, but we…

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