I am a film mixing engineer with more than a decade of experience mixing films and music, almost exclusively in the Surround Sound format crossing more than 250 films in my career, now working in Avid. I have mixed all the way from Mono, to 5,1, 6.1, 7.1 and Atmos. All the views presented here are my own and have no affiliation to any company whatsoever. All Logos and names are copyright of the respective companies.

30 thoughts on “Me”

  1. thanks for share this.For me it has been a incredible treasure hide in the net.and it has converted in one of the most important blogs.A total must see.thanks

  2. Thank you so much! A ton of useful information. Quite accidentally I found your blog. Absolutely unique information from the secret world of post production sound pro. Please continue to share, a huge thanks to you.

  3. incredible sreejeesh – this a real gem. It blew my head back the first time I read this, really helpful and insightful.

  4. Hi Sreejesh,
    Its been a pleasure reading all our blogs and me being newbie you articles are really helpful and especially the ones on Dialogue/Foley/Effect/Final mixing. My all-time favorite are the ones in which you detailed the technicalities involved in Atmos mixing and routing them. It made me spend a full month referring Dolby Documents and understanding the whole routing and Dolby RMU etc.
    I am not sure you have already covered this or not, I am curious about couple of things like, how do you deal with 24p 23.976p FR video/filmsa nd what is your comments on pull-up or pull-down while DCP mastering? What is your comments about the loudness int he mix room and how do you set them for your mixes? Do you do the final mix as reels or is it a full length film mix? What is your delivery requirements (do you give multiple tracks/encode them) ?

    Really appreciate your efforts in sharing your learning and your articles are really inspiring indies like me.

  5. Hi Sreejesh, im from argentina. i read the PTExpert srcipt article and i WONDER (since im asking for these for a year but i dont have the knowledge to do it) if there is a way to make my life easy (im lazy like you)
    Problem is i have a digi002 control surface and a apollo 8 .
    if i use the apollo as audio engine i loose the controller in 002

    so i discover a bug. i load a session, change the audio engine to digi002 and have the fader, then i change it again to apollo and then have apollo as audio engine AND still the faders in digi002

    i wonder if THERE IS A WAY to write a script to do this thing only one time

    do u think is possible????

    • Unfrtunately that can’t be done. The scripts are meant to do something productive. I wouldn’t think exploiting a bug would work well and not sure if a script like that can be made.

  6. hi Sreejesh,
    i’m from Austria an i’m writing a research paper for university
    i can’t find any pictures of the back Dolby Atmos RMU and the cabling.
    Would you send me some pictures of it? Would be great!

    greets from vienna

  7. Bryan Dumaguina said:

    Thank you very much for the information you share Sir.

  8. spocksone said:

    Hello Many many thanks to sharing your big experience in audio post

    Its really apreciable and usable for everyday

    Best regards


  9. Thank you film mixer for the articles and posts..
    I’m a student and currently pursuing audio engineering.
    My dream is to become a mix engineer for films.
    Reading all your articles i’m able to get more knowledge about mixing..
    Thank you so much.

  10. Suraj Samal said:


    I came across this website just a few minutes back. Thanks a ton for sharing information on Audio Post for Films considering the fact that one could find several websites for Mixing Music but websites on Film Sound Mixing or Designing in particular, is still rare to find. It really boosts up guys like me who wish to make a career in Film Sound, particularly in Surround Sound.
    Keep up the good work.
    Do let me know if there are other websites dedicated to Film Sound.

  11. Michael Dock said:

    Hi, I am about to sound edit a project set in Southern India. I am looking for a commercial sound library with medium to small crowds in a village / rural type environment (no traffic). Can you recommend a library or a sound editor with a library to sell copywriter free?

  12. Peter Juul Kristensen said:

    Hi Michael. Great Blog. Keep up the good work. You seem to be the right one to ask: Is it possible to make a script – or to otherwise solve this: I have some files in a timeline (the final edit, but with a rough mix) and I want to spot the raw recorded files to the timestamps that are in the edited set of files. I can do this manually by: Selecting one of the files in the final edit of the rough mix. Copy the org. timestamp, move the cursor to the raw files, paste the org. timestamp TC to the position display (placing the marker at that spot), select a chunk of audio from that point and make a new clip from it, then select the org. final edit file again, and Ctrl-click on the new clip. This will then make sure the timestamps in the two clips are aligned, but it does not solve that fact that I manually have to do the out point – and its a very tedious process. Can it be done smarter?

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