This is a small extension to the earlier article on Pro Tools Pan Laws. The Dolby Atmos panner has different modes for handling the elevation.

Atmos Default

Dolby Atmos Panner Plugin

The various modes available are:

Free Mode

The Z Axis is free and independently controlled.

Wedge Mode

This gives the room a peaked ceiling like a Pyramid with the Apex Parallel to the screen. The Z axis is derived from the formula: Z = 100-abs(Y)

Sphere Mode

This gives the room a dome ceiling with the Middle of the room having Max Elevation and reducing to the sides. The Z axis here is derived from the formula:

Z = √[ 100² – {min (100²,(X² +Y²))} ]

Ceiling Mode

The Z axis here is a Curve from front 40% of the Room to the Screen and Flat on the ceiling for the remaining 60%.