I have decided to chronicle a film mix and sound editing project that I am doing now. I think that it will help bring some amount of clarity and also bring in the adventure that happens when a film is starting post. Who knows, maybe it will end soon, or maybe it may prove to be an adventure like Indiana Jones!

I have received the rough edit of the film. I agreed to sound edit the movie for two reasons. One I want to be involved with the tracks and the Dialogues that are there in the film. Two, because I am mixing it, I want to get the film within me, and also understand what the Director has in his mind. End if the day, its not the Mixers, Editors, Sound Designers, Music Director’s film, but the Director. He is the captain of the ship. Of course, we have to give him as many options or variations that can be and also suggest, but in the end, its his name that is attached with the film’s credit. (Ours too, but he takes the hit!)

The rough edit seems ok, no issues of 24-25fps. (Sometimes I get that and later the whole sound track goes out of sync.) The first thing I do is load it into a session. I try to make a session with First half and Second half as 2 sessions. It helps me in consistency of sound and also its easier to edit. Once this is done, I start marking each scene. I make a cut in the video track also, so its easier for me to tab to scenes and markers help me for cuts within the scene.

Thats it for now. More on this Later!