I had a bit of time today on a weekend to do some stuff. I have now made a Multi Installer Utility that will:

  1. Copy aax and install pkg from multiple dmg files. It will mount the dmg, search for aaxplugins, copy that. If it doesn’t find aax plugins,  it will search for a pkg file and install that. If both are there, they will still work. It will also unzip files and install from that.
  2. Install from pkg files within the folder itself.
  3. Install from dmg and then the pkg if you have a mix of both in the folder.

Once you launch the app, you just need to drag and drop the folder containing the plugins (dmg, pkg or combination) onto the app window. It will ask for the password and 3 options of dmg and pkg install, dmg only and pkg only. Just select and go! The advantage of this app is that you can leave it open and just drop another folder onto it once the previous folder install is complete. You can also leave it on your dock and drag a folder onto it if needed. Remember you need to drag and drop a folder to this for it to work.

Link: Multi-Installer